Diving survey of the bottom of water areas

Specialists of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works will conduct a full range of activities to inspect and clean the water area (demining) from explosive and other foreign objects. We carry out a sonar survey of the bottom. Modern technical means and methods of hydroacoustic survey by side-scan sonar, geomagnetic survey by towed magnetometer, diving equipment and machinery are used in the work.

Water bottom survey

Diving survey of rivers, ponds, lakes, bays, reservoirs, ports or channels is carried out when obtaining information about the state of the water area bottom by other means is impossible or does not meet the required accuracy, including when
  • finding and retrieving dangerous objects, including explosive objects
  • underwater examination for debris (metal structures, tree stumps, boulders, logs, etc.)
  • taking soil and rock samples from proposed underwater utilities
  • finding sunken objects (even if they are small in size)
  • engineering scientific research (archaeological, geological, biological)
  • surveying underwater objects placed on the bottom (semi-submerged, etc.)

Stages of the water area survey

Before the diving survey begins, the topography of the water area bottom, outlines of the shoreline and other features of the investigated area are studied. Based on the information obtained, appropriate documentation is prepared. After that the specialists arrive at the site and start diving. The survey begins from the deepest and farthest point with the subsequent approach to the shore. It allows to see the bottom in maximum detail and exclude accidentally overlooked places. The study of the water area is carried out in two main ways – visually (using special devices) and by probing with feelers (to detect objects submerged in silt and sand).

Drawing up the act of water area survey

The act of diving survey of the water area is prepared on the basis of the technical assignment and the initial data for the work. The act is drawn up after the survey of the seabed for foreign objects (including BOP) has been carried out and the results meet all the necessary requirements. The prepared document is approved by all the relevant authorities.

Preliminary cost of works on the survey and cleanup of the water area from VOP

Area: Cost:
Per 1 Hectare From 22 000 rubles
Per 10 Hectare От 200 000 rubles
Per 100 Hectare От 1 850 000 rubles
* For exact information please go to cost, or contact by phone listed on the site, e-mail, leave a request for a callback.

Performed work on sites

Our equipment

The Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works has all necessary licenses, permits and permissions, as well as modern equipment and techniques (video survey complexes, sonar, navigation receivers, etc.) to conduct a full range of bottom survey of various natural and artificial water areas at an optimum cost. During the period of our activity we have participated in execution of a great number of state and commercial contracts. Production capacity of the organization allows to perform our work on the whole territory of the Russian Federation and beyond its borders.

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