Engineer-sapper support

Specialists of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works carry out engineering and sapper support in order to ensure the safety of working personnel and equipment, civilians during various construction and installation, reconstruction, repair and other works. We inspect facilities for improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Hazard classes of explosive objects

When explosive objects (EEO) are found in the course of work at the inspected sites, their external inspection and categorization is carried out. The found objects can be assigned to one of three hazard classes:
  • First-degree (low-hazard) – aircraft bombs (including cluster bombs) without detonators, projectiles without traces of passage through the barrel, grenades of all types with a pin and engineering charges;
  • Second-degree (dangerous) grenades without checks, shells fired from guns (unexploded), bombs with fuses, land mines, and homemade ammunition;
  • Third-degree (very dangerous) – items installed on the principle of non-extraction, shells and bombs in an inaccessible position for neutralization, improvised devices equipped with magnetic, seismic and acoustic detonators. Liquidation of this type of munitions, as a rule, is carried out on the spot.

Territory survey act

This document is drawn up upon completion of the work. The report is drawn up after the inspection and clearance of the site of explosive hazards has been completed (including if destruction was carried out) or after the inspection of the entire site has been completed (if there were no explosive hazards). The final document shall be approved by all relevant authorities.

Performed work on sites

Our equipment

Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works has all necessary licenses, permits and authorizations, as well as modern equipment and machinery for a full range of search, removal and destruction of HE. During the period of our activity we have successfully fulfilled a large number of state and commercial contracts. Our production capacities allow us to carry out our work throughout the Russian Federation and beyond.

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