Our company is equipped with all necessary modern equipment, machinery and special vehicles to solve your problems.
Vehicles for transportation of explosives and explosive objects on the basis of GAZ-2752.
Motorboats to carry out work on clearing the water area of explosive objects and other underwater technical works.
Ferro-probe magnetometers Vallon, Ferex, Magnex with detection depth up to 6 meters.
Starfish side-scan sonars, designed to find various objects on the bottom and in the water column at depth.
GPR OKO-3 is a set of equipment used for subsurface scanning of any soil, water areas and various heterogeneous media.
Explosion protection kits “BUCHA”, designed to protect against the striking effect of an explosion – blast, fragmentation, thermal.
Professional diving gear and equipment to perform various tasks underwater.
Explosion localization devices “Fountain” of various modifications, for protection against explosion.
240-channel multi-frequency GNSS receivers S-Max GEO Radio, working with signals of all satellite constellations and differential correction systems – GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS.
Portable navigators “Garmin”, and other equipment.
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