Humanitarian Demining and Special Operations Center performs a wide range of blasting services related to the destruction of explosive objects and devices on the earth’s surface, felling (collapse) of buildings and structures, blasting ice, ripping various soils, getting rid of durable materials in the ground, stump removal for clearing private sites for construction. We are engaged in blasting in open-pit mining, as well as underwater blasting.

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Blasting is a set of activities to prepare, lay and detonate industrial explosive devices in an onshore or underwater environment. They allow for rapid changes in terrain (including that below the water surface), as well as demolition of buildings and structures that interfere or pose a hazard.

Types of blasting

Industrial charges laying and detonation activities can be divided into two categories – surface blasting and underwater blasting. Surface blasting is performed when necessary:
  • demolish high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, chimneys and other buildings;
  • quickly dismantle reinforced concrete structures (dams, bridges, etc.);
  • remove large chunks of rock or ripping away buried layers;
  • Cut through very thick metal with a directional explosion;
  • remove ice jams during ice drifts;
  • eliminate explosive ordnance (EOD) that cannot be cleared.
Underwater blasting allows:
  • change the bottom topography (remove obstacles, make ditches and trenches) when laying utilities and constructing various structures;
  • demolish different types of underwater and partially submerged structures;
  • dismantle explosive ordnance (EOD) that cannot be demined;
  • dismantle hard rocks.

Взрывные работы


Specialists of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works are ready to provide the necessary services for blasting operations in compliance with all safety requirements, in strict compliance with the legislation, at optimal prices, with the departure of our company’s employees throughout the Russian Federation. Our organization has all the necessary licenses, permits and authorizations to conduct this type of activities.

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