Diving and underwater technical works in St. Petersburg

Specialists of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works will carry out a full range of diving activities to inspect and clean the water area (demining) from explosive and other foreign objects, underwater technical works during construction, repair and modernization of underwater facilities, partially submerged structures, ships and vessels, non-self-propelled platforms, as well as during elimination of emergency situations on them. We perform diagnostics of condition of piles, supports and other underwater structures.

 Водолазные работы

Types of diving services

Also among the underwater technical works carried out by our specialists are:
  • cleaning of lakes, ponds, rivers, canals, ports, other artificial and natural water areas from WOP;
  • inspection of underwater utilities (pipelines and cable lines) before laying them
  • inspection and diagnostics of the condition of piles, supports and metal structures
  • inspecting already installed cable routes and gas lines for damage
  • performing installation and dismantling and repair work with welding and cutting operations on metal and reinforced concrete structures;
  • clearing the bottom (including river beds) of debris, stumps and other large objects
  • conducting bathymetry (depth charting) with spot diving survey of the bottom;
  • support during research activities (including sampling).

 Водолазные работы

Preliminary cost of works on the survey and cleanup of the water area from VOP

Area: Cost:
Per 1 Hectare From 22 000 rubles
Per 10 Hectare От 200 000 rubles
Per 100 Hectare От 1 850 000 rubles
* For exact information please go to cost, or contact by phone listed on the site, e-mail, leave a request for a callback.

Performed work on sites

Our equipment

Humanitarian Demining and Special Works Center possesses all necessary licenses, permits and admissions as well as modern equipment and techniques (welding machines and cutters, hydraulic shears and drilling machines, saws, video recording complexes, sonar, navigation receivers, etc.) to perform a full range of underwater technical works on various natural and artificial water areas in St. Petersburg and other regions at an optimal cost.

During the period of our activity we have participated in execution of a great number of state and commercial contracts. Our production capacities allow us to perform our works on the whole territory of the Russian Federation and beyond its borders.

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