Completed work - Q4 2023

In the period from October to December 2023, specialists of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works conducted a survey of the area for the presence of explosive objects (IEDs) as part of the fulfillment of contractual obligations on the territory:

Leningrad region, Tosnensky district, an area intended for the development of a quarry for the construction of multi-storey residential buildings:

Krasnodar Territory, Temryuksky district, land plots intended for the expansion of the port infrastructure:

Rostov region, Zernogradsky and Egorlyksky districts, land plots allocated for the construction of a new inter-settlement gas pipeline:

Leningrad region, Tosnensky district, territories of construction of new logistics centers:

Krasnodar Territory, Kushchevsky district, territories for the design of reconstruction, overhaul and construction facilities of Transneft PJSC:

Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsky district, land plots for the construction of apartment buildings:

Republic of Karelia, Prionezhsky district, land plots intended for the construction of a bypass highway:

Rostov region, a territory intended for the expansion of railway infrastructure:

Kaluga region, Duminichi district, land plots intended for the construction of an inter-settlement gas pipeline:

Rostov region, Belokalitvinsky district, the territory designated for a new highway:

The total area of the surveyed sites was: 808.9 hectares.
The number of explosive objects detected is 518 units.

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