Engineering and hydrographic surveys

Specialists of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works have wide experience in hydrographic works and all the necessary equipment to carry out these surveys. We carry out depth measurement and relief surveying of water bodies of various complexity. We provide optimal choice of survey methodology, which will result in a high quality cartographic document at the lowest cost.

The main purpose of engineering and hydrographic surveys is to increase the level of safety during operation of the water body and coastal zone. This is done by measuring works, bottom soil analysis and shoreline relief measurements.

Objectives of engineering and hydrographic works

A set of measures to measure the depths and measurements of the coastal topography is necessary:
  • to control the condition of the navigable channel;
  • before and at the end of dredging;
  • development of the reservoir for the development of beaches and areas for attractions in the coastal zone;
  • to draw up a passport of the pond;
  • for the organization of fisheries and industrial fish farming;
  • in the construction of bridges, dams, breakwaters and other structures, supports or foundations of which are in contact with the bottom soil.

Results of engineering and hydrographic works

The results of depth measurements and height justification of the coastal zone are reflected in the final report, which is given to the customer of works. The report is prepared taking into account standard symbols and complies with all topographic and hydrographic norms. In addition to the final report the customer can order construction of 3D model of the bottom and coastal relief. When ordering a combined survey, in addition to hydrographic documents we also issue topographic plan, sectional drawing, executive scheme and other documentation.

Preliminary cost of hydrographic survey of the reservoir bottom

Area: Cost:
For 1 hectare From 25 000 rubles
For 10 hectare From 220 000 rubles
For 100 hectare From 1 950 000 rubles
* For exact information please go to cost, or contact by phone listed on the site, e-mail, leave a request for a callback.

Our equipment

The Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works has all necessary licenses, permits and permissions, as well as modern equipment and machinery to carry out a full range of engineering and hydrographic works related to depth measurements and shoreline relief measurements on water bodies of various complexity. During the period of our activity we have successfully fulfilled a great number of state and commercial contracts. Our production capacity allows us to perform our work on the whole territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

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