A 50-mm mine, a 122 mm shell and a 152 mm high-explosive shell for a 152 mm cannon were found during a survey for VOC in the Leningrad region.

August 30, 2022
In Vsevolozhsky, Vyborgsky and Kirovsky districts, unexploded munitions from the Great Patriotic War were found and subsequently destroyed on land plots of the federal developer of apartment buildings as a result of a set of special works to search for explosive objects.

Expert’s comment:

The high-explosive fragmentation shell for 152 mm howitzer was intended for 152 mm howitzers of 1909/30, 1910/37, 1938 (M-10), D-1 and howitzer-gun ML-20. The howitzer was equipped with 8 types of propellant charges. Ammunition consisted of shaped charge, semi-knockout, fragmentation, shrapnel, high-explosive, demolition, concrete, illumination, smoke shells and shrapnel. Ammunition specifications: caliber 152.4 mm; projectile weight 36-48 kg; projectile weight 27.7-44 kg; explosive weight 0.5-8.8 kg; muzzle velocity 398-560 m/s; armor penetration at 90° angle – 250 mm armor, 1140 mm reinforced concrete; firing range -5-13.7 km.

* The photo shows the ML-20 howitzer gun.

Professional help

Specialists of the Center for Humanitarian Demining and Special Works perform survey and clearance of territories from explosive objects on a contractual and tender basis. If you need professional performance of this type of work, we suggest you get acquainted with THE SPECIFICS AND COST of their implementation.

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