Experts called the estimated time of demining Ukraine

August 16, 2023
After the end of the conflict, the complete demining of Ukrainian lands will take 757 years. It is these terms that were named by experts in conversation with The Washington Post staff. According to them, “sappers are searching for mines literally inch by inch, using metal detectors, probes and trained dogs that find explosives at a great distance. One specialist is able to clear mines up to 7.5 square meters. m of territory per day – depending on the density of minefields and the nature of the explosives used.

As the publication notes, it was the heavy mining of territories near the defensive lines of the Russian troops that became the main reason for the slowdown in the offensive of the Ukrainian army, which began in the summer of 2023. Moreover, the number of mines (as well as other explosive devices) turned out to be so large that it led to the active use of manual search by sappers from – due to the lack of specialized mechanized demining equipment.

Earlier, during a speech at a security forum in Aspen (Colorado, USA), Vladimir Zelenskiy pointed to the heavy mining of fields and other areas as the main reason for the slow pace of the Ukrainian counter-offensive. The head of Ukraine said that the troops have to overcome the dense minefields previously laid by the Russian army with great difficulty. And it takes a lot of time and effort to clear them manually, which affects the intensity of the advancement of units on the battlefield.

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