Demining machines

August 17, 2023
One of the consequences of military conflicts are anti-personnel, anti-tank and other mines that remain in the ground for a long time even after the end of the conflict. Both manual and mechanical labor are used to clear minefields.
Demining vehicles used in Russia.

The multifunctional robotic demining complex “Uran-6” is designed for engineering reconnaissance and demining the area from anti-personnel mines and explosive objects in remote control mode.

The complex is equipped with five different interchangeable tools:

Types of attachments:

  • trawl;
  • milling trawl;
  • roller trawl;
  • dozer blade;
  • Dozer blade with rotary grip


Name Value
Curb weight, t 6
Dimensions, mm 4565x2015x1470
Power plant power, hp 240
Maximum torque at 1400-1700 rpm min, nm 784
Maximum travel speed, km/h 5
Weight lifted by the tong, kg up to 1000
Control remote, over the air
Trawling cleanliness, % at least 95
Trawling lane width, m 1.7
Trawling speed, km/h 0.5-5
Time of continuous operation on one gas station, h 5


BMR-3M Vepr is a Russian armored demining vehicle. Insert video and photo from the folder. We cut the video where the driver’s comment goes.

The main purpose of the BMR-3M is reconnaissance, overcoming and clearing minefields. The width of the created passages during mine clearance is approximately equal to the inter-track or inter-wheel distance of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. The machine is capable of making two tracks 800-870 mm wide in anti-tracked minefields, and an uncleaved space 1620 mm wide remains between the tracks. In anti-bottom minefields, the BMR-3M creates a continuous passage, the width of which is 3.2 meters for mines with a contact fuse and up to 6-7 m for mines with a magnetic fuse.

The crew consists of two people: a driver and commander. In addition, in the fighting compartment of the vehicle there are three places for the transport of troops from the sapper units.


Name Value
Classification Armored demining vehicle
Combat weight, t 48
Crew, people 2
Landing, people 3
Manufacturer Uralvagonzavod
Case length, mm 6920
Width, mm 3780
Height, mm 2930
Armor type steel
Bottom, mm equivalent to 300
Sights 2×1 PN 63 M
Machine guns 1×12.7 mm NSVT
Engine V-92С2
Engine power, hp 1000
Highway speed, km/h 50
Suspension type individual, torsion
Ford to be crossed 8 with OPVT
The UR-77 “Zmey Gorynych” demining vehicle is a self-propelled rocket-propelled demining machine. Created on the basis of the 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer. Serially produced since 1978 to replace the UR-67.

The UR-77 is capable of making moves in anti-tank minefields during combat. The passage is about 6 meters wide and 80 to 90 meters long. Despite the fact that the UR-77 is not designed to clear anti-personnel mines, the installation can clear anti-personnel minefields from American M14 pressure mines, creating passages up to 14 meters wide.

Demining is carried out by the occurrence of a shock wave from the explosion of the charge, which affects the mine fuse. However, complete clearance is not guaranteed. So, for example, mines with double-click fuses (TM-62 mine with MVD-62 fuse or Mk7 with fuse No. 5 Mk4), anti-personnel mines of tension action can remain intact. Magnetic, seismic and infrared fuses do not respond to the blast wave.

“Snake Gorynych” was actively used in the first and second Chechen campaigns, during the conflict in Syria, and is also now used in Ukraine. This is a machine that has been proven over the years and has proven itself well.


Name Value
Classification Self-propelled rocket launcher
Combat weight, t 15.5
Crew, people 2
Manufacturer USSR
Years of production since 1977
Years of operation since 1978
Basic Operators USSR, Russia, Belarus
Case length, mm 7860
Width, mm 2850
Height, mm 2535
Base, mm 3700
Track, mm 2500
Clearance, mm 400
Armor type bulletproof
Firing range, km up to 0.5
Other weapons 2 x UZP-77/UZ-67
Engine YaMZ-238N
Engine power, l. s. 300
Highway speed, km/h 60..61.5
Speed over rough terrain, km/h 30 on the ground, 4..6 afloat
Highway range, km 500
Rough terrain range, km 250
Specific power, l. s./t 19.1
Suspension type torsion
Specific ground pressure, kg/cm² 0.5
Climbability, deg. 35
Wall to be overcome, m 0.8
Crossable ditch, m 2,2
Ford, m floats

Remote demining vehicle “Foliage” MDR 15M107 is a Russian remote demining vehicle (MDR) based on the SBA-60-K2 Bulat armored hull, refers to weapons based on new physical principles (microwave weapons).

Developed for the Strategic Missile Forces and included in the columns on the combat patrol routes of the Yars, Topol-M, and Topol PGRKs.

“Foliage” contains a microwave installation, a non-linear locator, as well as automated engineering intelligence tools and other important elements. Thanks to this, it carries out reconnaissance of the area and at the same time blocks or disables the radio-electronic elements of explosive devices. In other words, the machine allows you to disable mines and other explosive devices that have electronic components in their composition.

The output of the electronic filling of mines is carried out by powerful pulsed microwave radiation directed through a parabolic antenna installed on the roof. The clearance width is about 50 meters.


Name Value
Classification armored demining vehicle
Combat weight, t 18.4-20.0
Crew, people 5
Developer NIIIP “Ryazan Design Bureau “Globus””
Manufacturer JSC Krasnodar Instrument Plant “Kaskad”
Basic Operators Russia
Case length, mm 8900 (11100)
Width, mm 2500 (3960)
Height, mm 3350 (4740)
Base, mm 4660
Armor type bulletproof, anti-fragmentation, anti-mine (protection class Br6)
Engine KamAZ-740 V8
Wheel formula 6×6
Ford, m 0.8

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